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Delta 8 Cartridges vs. Delta 8 Pods

There are all kinds of products out there these days that allow us to experience the effects of delta 8 THC, but one type of product in particular continues to reign supreme: delta 8 vapes. Vaping delta 8 THC gives us the ability to experience the cannabinoid’s properties within just minutes, while feeling the effects in a more potent way before they wear off in an hour or so.

So, we will be comparing two types of delta 8 vaping products with one another: delta 8 vape cartridges and delta 8 vape pods. As you’ll see, one of these two types of vaping goods clearly offers a more satisfying experience overall.

What They Share in Common

Before we talk about how cartridges and pods differ from one another, let’s talk about what they share in common, so you can understand why they are often compared to one another.

#1: Both Contain Delta 8 E-Liquid

Both pods and cartridges conveniently contain delta 8 e-liquid, which means that you do not need to manually pour it into your vaping setup. You just attach your pod or cartridge to its compatible vaping device and you’re good to go. That being said, both of these products are disposed of when the e-liquid runs out, to be completely replaced.

#2: Both Come in Different Strains, Strengths, Sizes and Formulas

Both delta 8 cartridges and pods come in a variety of options from which you can choose to customize the experience you have with the cannabinoid. You can find numerous strain options based on the terpenes in the formula, along with milligram strengths, sizes, and formulas (the ingredients in the e-juice).

#3: They Produce the Same Effects

When it comes to the effects that you feel when vaping these products, they are exactly the same. In other words, it’s not like one type of vaping product produces more potent or different effects compared to the other. Both delta 8 pods and cartridges give you a mild psychoactive experience along with the properties for which the delta 8 THC compound is known.

How Delta-8 Vape Cartridges and Pods are Different

Here is where we will dive into what makes these two types of vaping products different from one another. While they do share a number of things in common, there are some clear differences that are especially important to be aware of if you want to choose the best of the two for more consistently satisfying vapes.

#1: Size

While it is not always the case, pods are usually smaller than cartridges, meaning that they contain less delta 8 e-liquid. Of course, both options do come in different sizes, but the average vape cartridge contains 1ml of vape oil, while the standard pod contains only half of that amount.

#2: Shape

Each type of vaping product has a distinctive shape. Vape cartridges are cylindrical and long, while pods are slim and flat with rounded upper edges. Does the shape play a role in the quality of your vaping experience? Ultimately, no, but it is a helpful way to tell one apart from the other.

#3: Material

Most vape cartridges are made from a glass material that can withstand the temperatures that the cartridge will reach while one vapes. This glass material is extremely sturdy and less shatterproof than most of the glassware in your kitchen. Meanwhile, a majority of delta 8 pods on the market are derived from some type of plastic material that’s thick and sturdy.

Ultimately, glass is a better material for vaping products because it’s more heat-resistant and has less of an impact on flavor, while plastic can introduce trace amounts of the material into the vaping experience that negatively impact how your clouds taste. Also, many agree that glass is a safer material than plastic when it comes to vaping.

#4: Selection

Because vape cartridges have remained the more popular option between the two, many delta-8 companies focus only on cartridges and do not even bother producing pods. What this means is that essentially, you have a better selection of products to choose from when you opt for vape carts. Because more companies make them, you have a wider variety of strains to choose from, as well as ingredients within the cartridge, amount of e-liquid and more. Sure, pods come in different options as well, but most delta 8 enthusiasts like having a huge selection to choose from.

#5: Compatibility

One of the biggest differences between the two has to do with compatibility. Pods are known for only being compatible with specific devices, usually produced by the same manufacturer. This means that you cannot just buy some delta 8 pods and know that they will attach to an existing pod mod device in your collection. This can be very limiting as a result.

With vape cartridges, compatibility is not really an issue. Vape cartridges have a 510-threaded connection at their base, making them universally compatible with any standard vape pen device, which uses the same connection. This means that as long as you have a standard vape pen, any cartridge you purchase will be compatible.

#6: Reliability

Overall, vape cartridges perform more reliably than vape pods, as they are less prone to clogging and leaking due to their design and quality of materials. It’s not unusual to invest in delta 8 pods and end up with a dud, while vape cartridges rarely have these kinds of issues. This means that going with a vape cartridge over a vape pod is more likely to satisfy your needs from the first puff to the last.

Why are Vape Cartridges the Better Choice for Your Delta 8 Vaping Needs?

It is clear that vape cartridges are ultimately the better choice between the two, for a number of reasons. And, at GLA, we offer a variety of delta 8 vape cartridges which are all compatible with your 510-threaded vape pen device, in different strain options so that you can experience delta 8 THC in the way you prefer.